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    I’m really unhappy with my boobs as they are really small and unattractive. I had taken birth control pills to have bigger boobs and I was happy when I saw the result. But after I stopped taking pills, my boobs size has fallen back to its original size and this is really bothering me. I talked about this to one of my friends and she says I should continuously take those medicines to maintain the boobs size. She says a breast augmentation surgery may help me and asked me to consult Dr. Asif Pirani in my locality (Toronto), but I’m scared to go under knife. Is there any other method to have bigger boobs? I really want bigger boobs. Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!!



    I had taken pills for two years and yes it improves my boobs but after i stop taking them because of the negative effect my boobs went back to normal.If you’re really looking for permanent improvement try breast augmentation., hope that helps. =)



    i will recommend not go for breast surgery. nowadays there is a lot of solutions for breast enlargement. you can get pills or cream. even this method is not expensive and working.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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